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All Events in the Database

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There are a public URLs which will give you all future events in the database that are for sale or published online. Public access means that these mechanisms provide the same data available to the patron if they were purchasing online and looked at your event list.

These include:

This might be useful for linking to any calendar on a phone, tablet or computer, within or outside the organization so that Patrons, Volunteers, Staff and/or Board members can see what is available, when it occurs and make it easy to buy.

The sample calendar was pulled from our test database as an ICS file. It was opened in iCal to show the content:

  • The date of the event
  • The time that the event starts
  • The duration of the event, based on the duration set in event setup->Marketing tab
  • and in the detail, the person who downloaded the calendar can see the location, contact information, and a link to buy a ticket