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Recurring Donations Create Scheduled Gifts from Templates

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This process will process the Recurring Donation Templates and create gifts/donations for each recurring donation template whose 'Next Gift Date' is up-to or equal to the date the process is run.

If the 'Next Gift Date' spans a timeline where multiple gifts are to be created based on the combination of 'Next Gift Date, 'Frequency', and the 'date the process is run'; each gift created will have the appropriate Donation Date as if the process was run on the date it was scheduled to be created.

Scheduled Gifts for Recurring Donations are reviewed and created in the following areas:

  1. Choose Setup >> System Tables >> Recurring Donations from the Main Menu.

    Recurring Donations Menu Selection

    The Recurring Donations List window opens.

    Recurring Donation Templates List

    Click here for information about the recurring donation window.

  2. Click the Recurring button Recurring Gift Button.

    The confirmation window will open confirming the request to create gifts from the recurring donations.

    Recurring Donations Create Scheduled Gifts

  3. Click Create Gifts

    The gifts will now be created.

  4. Click OK after reviewing the completion message.