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Step 2: Confirming the Deposit

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End of Day Balance Warnings

Step 2 of the deposit process shows possible issues

  • balancing credit cards through web sales
  • balancing credit cards accepted through an EMV Devices
  • with outstanding/unprocessed post dated payments that may need to be found and
    • Authorized if they are credit cards (or removed if they will not authorize)
    • found in your safe if they are checks and confirmed for value and date so you can take them to the bank
  • where debit/credit offsets for credit cards that could be cancelled and save credit card fees
  • in end if somebody forced a prior end of day
  • etc.
After addressing the errors and finding imbalances, you should, in general, have only informational messages (and not warking or errors noted).

Cash Over Under

If you find cash in emplioyee tills to be over/under, you can enter the amounts here and a GL entry will be created for your over/under balancing account. This is used to bring A/R into line.

Deposit Reports

Click to indicate which deposit reports you want printed. Normally, the pertinent one is the check listing. All of them can be recreated at any time in the future