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Resources Tab

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The Resources Tab shows all of the resources that have been associated with a task. Resources can include actual items either in inventory (consumable items) or capital items (i.e., sound boards, chairs, etc.) as well as space rental details or anything else necessary for completing this task. These resources and their prices can be part of the invoice if these tasks are part of a project that is billed.

For information on how to enter your organization's Resources into Theatre Manager, please visit the help page for setting up Task Resources.

Parts of the Resources Tab

Active Status of the resource (generally active or inactive)
Code A unique code that has been assigned to the resource
Interal Description Name that shows in the resource list and elsewhere in Theatre Manager
External Description The name of the resource that is viewable by the general public
Quantity Numbers of the resource selected
Notes Any notes specific to the resource as defined on the Resource's Notes tab
Cost The replacement cost per unit of the resource
Price The amount charged per use of the resource
Group The resource group to which the resource belongs
Task # The task number as displayed in the task # field of the Task window
Resource # The unique number in the database assigned to the particular resource
Income Acct The income account used for the selected resource when it is sold or rented/
Expense Acct The 'Cost of Goods' expense account to be used for the resource when it is purchased for later sale.
Date Entered The date the resource was assigned to the task
Adds a new resource to the Task. Click here to learn how to add a resource to a task.
View the detail for the selected resource
Removes the selected resource from the task
Opens the resource window for the selected item. Click here for more information on the Resource Detail window.