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Attached Files Tab

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Files of any type can be attached to a task record in the database. These files are then stored in the database. This is safer than storing on file server, for example, grants, directions, budgets and documents. Because they are stored in Theatre Manager, they can be opened right out of Theatre Manager.

If you make changes to the file and save them, you MUST drag the file back to the list to save the current version when you are done.

Theatre Manager has no way to tell if you have made changes to the document and saved those changes, so you must explicitly re-save the document back to the database by dragging it back into the list.

If you drag a file of the same name as exists in the task, Theatre Manager will ask if you want to:
  • Replace the existing file - in which case the file is replaced
  • Add a new file - in which case a second copy of the file is retained - which can be useful for saving generations of changes to some files like budgets. It saves as many generations (copies) as you wish.
If you try to extract the file from the database and it finds that it still exists in the original pathname, Theatre Manager will ask if you want to replace that existing one with the one from the database

Parts of the Attached Files Tab

Doc The Number of the document in the database.
Status Indicates the document is loaded into the database.
Name The file name for the document.
File Extention The type of document (as indicated by it's extention).
Size The size of the document.
Link Where the document was ORIGINALLY located on your computer. Theatre Manager will check that pathname when trying to export -- to make sure that the file does not exist. if it does exist, you'll get a warning asking if you want to replace it.
Date Entered The date the document was uploaded to the database.
Date Updated The date a document was changed.
Changed By The Employee number of the participant who attached the document to the task.
Task The task number the document is attached to.
To attach a file or document, click on the Add Doc button, or drag the file from your hard drive to the list. A line will be added to the list indicating the name of the file, its location on disk, size, etc.
To change the document, click on the Change Doc button, or drag the file from your hard drive to the list. (If a file of the same name is dragged to the list, it will ask if you want to replace that file with the one just dragged in. The line in the list will be modified to show the current information.
Delete Doc To delete a file or document, click on the Delete Doc button. This will remove the file from the database, but will not touch the original item from the disk.
To edit a file or document stored in the database, click on the Open Doc button. If the file is found on disk already, you will be asked if you want to replace the file on disk or open the one on disk. If it is not found, you will be asked where to save the file. It is then opened.
To view the location on disk of a file or document, click on the Find Doc button. The folder where the original was stored (the Link displayed in the list) will be opened.