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Participants Tab

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Task Participants are people you wish to associate with the task. If volunteers are associated with the task, you will see them both on the volunteer tab and in the task participants list.

In the participants tab:

  • You can select employees or patrons
  • You can invite external people and place on their iCal/Outlook calendar
  • Volunteers dragged here automatically create a volunteer history record
  • You can add all people from a mail list (e.g. board members, staff list)
  • You can set priorities
  • You can set alarms
  • You can accept meetings and set status

The main sections are listed below. Click on a link to learn more about the features.

Parts of the Task Participants Window

Displays the name of the company the Patron is associated with in their patron record

Up to 3 icons can be displayed for each participant. these are:

  1. - Patron or
  2. - or an Employee
  3. Whether they have accepted the invitation to be part of this task or meeting. There are 6 statuses:

    - Invited

    - Accepted

    - Declined

    - Pending

    - To Be Invited

    - Accept by Default

  4. A participant's status is changed by selecting a line and clicking the Meeting button

  5. The third icon displays the priority of this task for the participant.

    Priorities range from 1 to 5 or can be left at 0 for tasks not requiring a priority setting. The priority can be changed by selecting a line in the list and clicking on the Priority button.

First /Last Name First and last Name of the Patron selected to be a participant in the task
Status Displays the status selected using the Task button
Invitation Sent Displays the date the invitation was sent to the participant
Patron # The Theatre Manager Patron number for the participant
Priority 1-5 as selected using the Priority button
Response Date Date the participant responded to the task request
Opens the Contact List so you can add a participant to the task. Click here for information on adding a participant to a task.
Removes the selected participant from the task.
Participants can set an alarm for themselves. Click here for more information on setting Alarms.
Sets the priority for the selected participant.
Acknowledge a meeting response. When a task participant has responded to an Email request to come to a meeting, the Status of that person displays an "@". To acknowledge that you have seen the change, select the line and click the button. The indicator will go away. It will also no longer show in the Notifications window.
Resets the selected participant to recieve Email messages.
Add Me (the current user) as a task participant. When you add yourself to a task, the meeting status is automatically set to Accepted, since it is assumed you know about and intend to go to a meeting you have put yourself in.

Each participant can mark the status of their portion of the task by selecting a line from the list and clicking the task button. Choices from the flyout menu are: Not Done, Done, In Progress, or Cancelled.

Once the last person has marked their portion of the task as Done, the task itself is automatically marked as as Done.

You can set the status by clicking on the Meeting button. . The status is also changed if the person responds to the iCalendar invitation sent out by Email.

Other information

A line in the list will display in for My record and if the employee is no longer active.