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Inserting/Editing A G/L Entry

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When you double click on a GL entry, you can see information about the posting such as:
  • The account code it will post to
  • A memo code that describes the purpose of the G/L entry
  • The amount
  • Whether it is a debit or credit to the GL entry

There is also a tab that lets you specifically associate the G/L entry with some items in theatre manager.

For example, if the G/L entry is related to a

  • ticket sale - it should have an event code and venue as part of the GL entry for tracking profit/loss by event. This helps in reconciliation of events in the GL tab. No other GL entries should have event or venue
  • pass/gift certificate sale or redemption - it should have an entry under the Membership tab, which will be called whatever you names passes or gift certificates. This helps reconciliation on the G/L tab in the setup of the pass/Gift certificate. No other GL entries should have a pass number.
  • anything else - should not have anything filled in either of the above fields