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The General Ledger Entries Window

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This window is accessed through the Accounting >> General Ledger >> G/L Entries menu. The window displays the transactions which have been posted to the G/L during the times defined in the search criteria.

Parts of the G/L Entry Window

Begins the creation of a new general ledger entry. For more information on creating manual entries, click here.
Opens the selected entry in the G/L Entry Detail window. For more information on the G/L Entry Detail window, click here.
This function is unavailable in this window.
This function is unavailable in this window.
Prints a copy of the currently selected entry.
Exports a copy of the currently selected entry. This only exports the selected lines to a text file. For an export of the GL entry in a special accounting format, use the Export G/L button.
Exports the detail of the selected entry. For more information on using the Export G/L function, click here.
Clear Export GL Resets the Exported Flag on the GL entry so that it can be exported again in the GL Accounting Export Format that is specified in Company Preferences.
For the selected G/L entry, this button can be used to
  • Reverse the G/L entry, which will make a duplicate of the entry with the debits and credits reversed. You generally use this to reverse the effects of a long ago/prior GL entry that has been put into your books. -or-
  • Unpost the G/L entry. If its the same day and you have not put this G/L entry into your accounting system, you can unpost it and reprint your end of day reports. They will now exclude these G/L entries. Then you can make an adjustment if necessary and repost. The idea is that you only ever do this to a GL entry that is NOT in your accounting system and needs a manual adjustment prior to getting it there.
Opens the selected entry in the Transaction History window to allow the user to see all transactions incorporated into the entry. For more information on the Transaction History window, click here.
The search criteria options available for the window.
From To The search criteria to be used for the search.
Begins the search process.
Include: The types of accounts to be included in the search. Check the box next to the ones to be included.
Date When the entry was added to the General Ledger.
Journal # The journal number assigned to the entry.
Description A brief description of the entry.
Debit The amount which was debited.
Credit The amount which was credited.
Date Posted The date which the entry was posted.
# Trans The number of transactions which the entry is composed of.
Exported Notes whether the entry has been exported or not.