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Tag Detail Window

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Tags can be created and associated with a number of data records - and used for subsequent searching of data.

Parts of the Tag Window

Insert a New tag through the Tag Detail Window. For more information on inserting comments click here .
Saves tags when edited in the Tag Detail Window. For more information on editing tags click here.
Creates a copy of the current tag.
Undoes changes to the last saved point.
Deletes a tag. For more information on deleting tags click here.
Checks the tag for spelling errors.
Name A short name of the tag that will display on records that use the tag
Description Brief description of the tag.
Category Each tag can be placed in a tag category for convenience purposes. The tag categories are set up in code tables.
Notes A longer description of the user of the tag. Currently only for informational purposes, but may be used at a future time if allowed online.