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What could tags be Used for?

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Record tagging is currently available for:

Possible use of Tags for Web Sites

Populating a marketing web site via the REST API -- with the goals of:

  • multiple genres for events (eg dance, comedy, musical)
  • ability to set where the event might go on the web site (e.g is it at the top, or is it elsewhere)
    • How to do it:

      • Set up tag groups in code tables. These might be used for things like 'these tags used for web positioning' 'these tags used for genre' 'these tags used for other stuff'
      • create your actual Tag Names. You can call them things like broadway, drama, top-of-marketing-web-site or bobs-your-uncle -- anything you want. Each tag is associated with a tag group.
      • Assign the tags to the records you want. eg stick tags on an event per the picture below
      • Use the REST API to pull out record per tag or to actually pull out all tags for a record. There are 3 examples at the bottom of the REST query example web page.

    What else?

    You can search for records associated with tags in mail lists, reports and exporting. That means you could:

    • run a report for all plays with the tag 'broadway'
    • export all donations for donation campaigns with the tag 'capital' and 'restricted'
    • add all patrons to a mail list with the tag 'cool dudes and dudettes'
    • run the api to extract all events and picture that go to the top of your marketing site.
    • and in the future, we might use this as one way to categorize things on reveal