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Live Content Availability

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The length of time a live stream video can be viewed online after the performance date/time is managed at three levels. These consist of:

The software default allows for viewing streamed performances up to six hours after the date/time of the performance. Editing the Live Content Availability setting in the Web & Reports tab of System Preferences alters the default for the system. This setting can be overridden in the Event tab on a per event bases as required. In turn the Event setting can be overridden at performance level in the Web Settings tab of the Performance Detail window.

Examples of where the default setting might be altered include:

  • A prerecorded video where, when purchased, a patron can continue to view the video at their leisure for days/weeks following the initial performance date/time. In other words, On Demand Streaming.
  • A recorded class or course where an attending student may go back to review the lesson.
  • A recorded meeting or event where a patron is unable to attend at the time of the meeting can go back and watch a replay.


System Preferences

The Live Content Availability setting is located in the Web & Reports tab of System Preferences. This setting is only accessible while logged into Theatre Manager as the Master User or System Administrator.




The Live Content Availability setting is managed in the Event tab of the event setup under Web Sales Controls.




The Web Settings tab is located in the Performance Detail window. This is accessed by double clicking on a Performance anywhere in the Event setup.