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Donation Receipt Report Parameter Tab

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The Donation Receipt tab determines what receipts will print depending on the criteria entered.

Parts of the Donation Receipt Tab

Next Receipt # The next starting number for receipts. You may override this value if you wish to assign a different starting number to the next donation receipt number. However after printing this selection of receipts, Theatre Manager will revert back to the "next tax receipt #" as defined in Company Preferences.

If the starting "next tax receipt #" for all future donation receipts is required to be set to a different number, set the "next tax receipt #" in the Company Preferences.
Select Donation For A drop down to limit your donation receipts by specific campaign, or All Campaigns. By default, Theatre Manager will include receipts for all campaigns
Last Name Between An opportunity to limit the donation receipts to a specific patron or group of patrons based on Patron Last Name. By default, this is normally blank
Calendar Year Allows you to print all unprinted charitable receipts for a specific calendar year. This may be used in January to print all unprinted receipts from the previous year.

This field is mandatory for Annual Summary Charitable Receipts.

Print on Receipt Options for including:
  • Receipt # on Forms. Unless your donation receipts have pre-printed numbers on them, it is suggested to allow Theatre Manager to print the receipt number.
  • Regular Name With company. If the donation is a corporate gift, and an individual's name appears int he patron record, Theatre Manager can include both names on the donation receipt.
  • Campaign Prompt. If selected, will print the Campaign to which the donation was made on the receipt.
# of Copies Allows you to adjust the number of copies printed for each receipt. For example, if you enter "3", you will get a page with 3 copies of the same receipt on the page. This may be helpful if you are providing a copy for the patron, one for the patron's accountant and one for your files
Comments For Receipts Allows for limited comments to be printed on the receipts
Proceeds to the next tab in the Charitable Receipts for Donor Criteria
Cancels the adding of criteria and clears the window
Completes the addition of criteria and the sorting of data, and begins to generate the Charitable Receipts for Donors