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Charitable Receipt Example

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You can place most of the items below like logo, address, signature and other Canada Revenue Agency requirements into company preferences donations tab.
There will be TWO dates on the tax receipt if the date of payment for the donation is different than the date tat the receipt was printed. This is a Revenue Canada requirement for official tax receipts
The image to the left an example of a Charitable Receipt

The parameters used indicated to print 3 copies of each receipt. The intention of donation receipts is that data from the database will be printed on a pre-printed, perforated form that contains other required data for a receipt.

Data preprinted on a tax receipt form is set in Company Preferences and may include (per government requirements):

  • Your Company Name
  • Your Company Address
  • Your Company Phone Number
  • Your Company's Tax ID #

In addition, you may want to include:

  • A Company Logo
  • A signature line
  • Other background graphic items or watermarks as desired