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Add Multiple Relationships

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A convenient way to add multiple relationships to a Patron Record by dragging a number of patrons from the Contact List window onto the Relation tab of a Patron Record.

For example, this would be useful if you were creating relationships between a company and all the staff, volunteers or donors that are associated with that company. To complete this task quickly, you would:

  1. Find the company Patron Record in the database.

  2. Open the record and select the Relation tab.

    Relation Tab

  3. Open the Contact List window and find all Patrons that work for the company.

  4. Highlight and drag the Patrons from the Contact List window onto the Relation tab.

  5. Theatre Manager asks for a relationship. The opposing relationship is applied to all Patrons that are being added.

  6. Click the OK button to create the relationships.

Should the corresponding relationship not currently exist, it can be added in the Patron Relation section of the Code Tables.