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Clear Tickets Incorrectly Marked as Attended From a Play

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To clear tickets incorrectly marked as 'Attended' from a play, you perform the following steps:

If a mistake is made in setting attendance, attendance for the entire performance (or optionally, specific tickets) can be cleared.

If you set a time limit in a watch window, and somebody exceeds it, so that that cannot see their event. Clear their attendance flag and then they can re-watch the item.
  1. Click the button in the Theatre Manager Ribbon bar.
  2. Double click on the Play / Event to clear attendance for.

  3. Click the tab.
  4. Select the performance you want to Clear Attendance from.

    The tickets for that performance are displayed in the attendance list.

  5. If clearing attendance for a select group of tickets, highlight them in the right hand window.
  6. Click the button.

  7. Click the All button to clear the attendance flag for all patrons and tickets.
  8. Click the button to only clear attendance for the tickets selected.