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Past Event Ticket Exchange

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Exchanging tickets from a past event to a future event is similar to a full exchange. The Full Exchange process gives you full control over the entire procedure. In effect, you are purchasing new tickets to replace the tickets about to be exchanged. At any time throughout the process, you can back out from performing the exchange and original tickets will still be sold to the patron.

To create a past event ticket exchange for a patron, you perform the following steps:

  1. Find the patron you are exchanging the past tickets for.

    Click here to learn how to find patrons.

  2. Highlight the tickets to be exchanged.

  3. Click the Ticket button and select Exchange the selected tickets.

    A warning dialog opens.

  4. Click the Yes button.

    The Select Plays Window opens to locate the Play you are exchanging to.

  5. Select the list of performances the patron is going to exchange the tickets for.

    Click here to learn how to create a Buy List.

  6. Click the Seat Selection tab.

    The Ticket Sale Window opens with the information for the selected performance.

  7. Select the tickets that the patron wants to exchange the original tickets for.

    Red seats indicate the location of the previous seats.

    Click here for more information on Festival seating. Click here for more information on Reserved seating.

  8. Click the Ticket Review tab.

  9. Click the Confirm button to complete the ticket exchange.

    The tickets the patron is exchanging will appear with a red minus symbol and the new tickets will appear with a green plus symbol.

  10. Click the Payments button.

    Click here for more information on creating a payment. In the example the Patron owes $32.10 to cover the upgrade of the exchanged tickets.

  11. Click the Accept Payment or Print Tickets button.

    Clicking Accept Payment will finalize the exchange while clicking Print Tickets will finalize the exchange and print the new tickets. The original tickets will be returned to inventory allowing them to be purchased again.

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