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The Report Card Template List Window

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To access templates for Report Cards, go to Setup > System Tables > Report Card Templates:

Parts of the Report Card List Window

Inserts a new report card template For more information on inserting report card templates click here.
Opens the selected report card template for editing. For more information on editing report card templates click here.
Creates a copy of the current template.
Deletes the current report card template. For more information on deleting report card templates click here.
Generates a report of the list of report card templates to the screen or default print location.
Exports out a list of the report card templates in a tab-delimited format.
Template drop-down
Options to search the report card template list.
Starting point for the search.
Ending range for your search.
Template #
The unique number for that report card template in the database.
The name assigned to the report card template.
The date that report card template was entered into the database.
The date the report card template was updated.
Indicates if report card template is marked Active.