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Convert PPT to SVG (using OpenOffice)

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There are tools that can convert a PPT to SVG format file:
  • Open Office (free), also derived from Sun Microsystems and diverged from Libre Office a while back. Use Version 4.1.4 or later from their web site.
  • Some venues have used Adobe Illustrator CS6 effectively.

This page describes using then for its picture conversion capabilities (eg PPT to WMF, PPT to PICT, or PPT to SVG).

  1. Open the PPT document in Libre Office or Open Office. You can do this by using the File->Open menu after starting LibreOffice or you can drag your PPT document onto the empty window
  2. Select File->Export option as per the picture below:

  3. When the File dialog opens, click the file type option and pick the export file type. There are a number of options but the ones that are of interest are:
    • SVG - Scaleable Vector Graphics - which is the one we will pick to get the SVG file
    • PCT - Mac Pict Format - can be used to export the PPT document to PCT format for the OSX graphic map for the box office
    • WMF - Window Metafile - can be used to export the PPT to WMF format for the Windows graphic map for venues using windows machines