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Re-Authorizing a Credit Card Payment

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If Theatre Manager has recorded a credit card payment as authorized but your credit card authorization software has no record of it you will need to re-authorize the payment.

  1. Open the Patron Payment Window

    Click the Payment Tab on the Patron Window.

    Click here for a detailed description of this window and it's functions.

  2. Select a credit card payment and click Detail or double click the entry

    The Payment Detail Window opens.

  3. Click the Re-Authorize Button

    A Warning Window opens. Read the details of this window and only continue if you are completly sure the payment was never charged to the patron's card to avoid double billing.

  4. Click the Authorize Button

    A Confirmation Window opens reminding you to complete this operation only if you are sure the card has not been billed.

  5. Click Yes

    The card information will be sent to your merchant provider and a window will appear confirming the authorization

  6. Click OK to finish the process
  7. If you are re-authorizing a credit card that has already been deposited your re-authorization will not appear in Theatre Manager's Deposit Window. The rre-athorization will only be recorded by the credit card authorization software. Thus a force deposit may be required if Theatre Manager's credit card totals do not match the records of the authorization software. Click here for more information on Force Depositing