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"Quick Add" to a Mail List online

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The limited profile patron feature can be used to allow patrons to do a "quick add" to a Mail List online using a quick submit form. This will allow them to be added to a Mail List without providing all the standard patron data normally required for a full log in. Instead, all that will be required is name, address and email.

The form can be placed either within the Theatre Manager web pages, or outside on your main shell site, depending on where you want to display the form and capture the data. The form is not a standalone page, but rather is incorporated into another page, whether on '' or ''.

The concepts in this topic are designed for the more experienced user. Please contact your web designer if you want to implement this advanced web feature.

  • To use this feature, you must let the mail list be visible on the internet. For information on how to do this, click here.
  • You must allow limited profile patrons to be added using mail lists. To learn more about this setting click here.
  • If the patron's email address already exists within the database, creating a limited profile patron will create a new patron within the database. Your Box Office staff will need to be vigilant about merging duplicate patrons.
  • At minimum (when used on the main website such as ''), the form will need to collect three fields in order to subscribe the patron to the Mail List:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address

A sample file can be found in your WebPageEN directory in tmTemplates/tmMailListQuickAddInsert.html. If you need assistance locating this file, please contact your web designer. The sample file shows how you can use hidden parameters, checkboxes and lists all around a form that is submitted.


The entire form would appear like the example below:

*** Insert form parameters here (see below) ***

When building the form, it must open with the following framing code:

Then enter the form contents.

If you wish to pass a parameter for a hidden input (for example, adding the patron to a specified Mail List), the code would be:

Click to add me to the Comedy mail list.

where '5' is the sequence number of the Comedy Mail List. The sequence number of the Mail List can be found within the Mail List window or on the List of Mail Lists search window. This will produce a listing on your form such as :

Click [button] to add me to the Comedy mail list.

A similar line can be used to create a checkbox (as in the sample provided), by using the code:

Click on one or more of the following:

which would create a checkbox to add the patron to Mail List 5, 10, and/or 12.

Click on one or more of the following:
[ ] Comedies
[ ] Dramas
[ ] Musicals

The file also provides List support, where a list of options can be displayed:

Choose from the following options:

Mail List #5
Mail List #10

Choose from the following options:
[The names for Mail List 5 and Mail List 10 will appear in the drop down]

And finally, close the form by collecting the First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields:

As stated above, if the form is used OUTSIDE Theatre Manager - meaning it is not on the web site but rather on the shell site of ',' then you have to make sure that the form includes the three fields for name and email.

However, if the form is served up by Theatre Manager from within the Apache server, then you can end the form after the options by adding the form closing code:

and the patron will be added to the selected mail lists.