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Viewing credit card issues in web listener log (card not present)

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If you are looking for problems with one cart, please look at the cart logs to see what the patron has been doing
You can find the majority of shopping carts that have had problems with their credit cards if you search the web logs for:
  • a range of dates and
  • the contents of the web log as being 3d-

Once you see the message, you can double click on it to see what the message means. Almost all errors are provided to Theatre Manager from the bank such as:

  • Do Not honor! (the bank doesn't like the card)
  • Declined! (the bank doesn't like the card
  • Hold card! (The bank doesn't like the card - it is probably stolen and the want wants to you keep it)
Some errors are generated by Theatre manager and are self evident, such as:
  • Card is Blacklisted (means the venue said they didn't want anybody to use this card
  • Emergency processing is on (means that the venue turned the merchant processor into emergeny mode and took the cards anyway


Actions that you can take