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Ticket Printing - Ticket Printing Sort Order

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The Tickets will print according to sort order choices made in dialogs. The order is influence on the Sort Type of the variable.
  • Numeric and Date sort orders are relatively intuitive
  • Character sort order may need leading zero's in fields to have them sort in a way you expect. (Seat Code is one we are ofter asked about)

Character fields use Character Sorts which is not the same as numeric sort order.

Examples of seat code sort order

  • CA1, CA10, C11, CA2, CA20 are all in character sort order
  • CA01, CA02, CA03, CA09, CA10, CA11 are also in character sort order. Leading zeros to make them appear in numerical order
Field Name Sort Order Sort Type
Patron Last Name Ascending Character
Patron First Name Ascending Character
Patron Number Ascending Numeric
Performance Date Descending Date
Performance Time Descending Time
Performance Code Descending Character
Section Descending Character
Row Descending Character
Seat Descending Character
Seat Code Descending Character