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  • This pages is specific to Festival Seating/General Admission seating performances. Note the f at the end of the page name.
  • The patron can choose the ticket options they would prefer to add to their cart.
  • The event title, date and time are pulled from Theatre Manager based on the selection from the previous window.
  • Step 1 allows the patron to indicate the number of tickets they wish to purchase. The quantity is limited to the number of tickets allowed to be sold per Order within Theatre Manager.
  • Step 2 searches the database for the preferences from the above steps. It loads the TMticketsPrice_MapDefault.html page.
  • The map is pulled directly from the Theatre Manager database. The page can be duplicated and the word Default changed to the Pricing Map number from within Theatre Manager. The page can then be edited to display an image specific to the venue.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Can I replace the map image with an image of my own?
A: Yes, the image can be replaced. Place the desired image in the tmGifs folder. Locate the line containing the F_HTML_SEATMAP references towards the bottom of the page. Comment out the line. Add an image reference to the page calling the desired image from the tmGifs folder. Please note the reference should only require the folder name (tmGifs) and the full image name.

Q: Can I change the default value in the drop down for number of seats to purchase?
A: Yes, you can. The default value is controlled in the Performance details. It can be altered by going to Setup >> Events and searching for the desired event. Double click on the event and select the Performance tab. Double click on the desired performance to open the Performance Detail window. Select the Web Settings tab. The Suggested Purchase Qty field determines the default value in the drop down within the online sales.

Q: Can I increase/decrease the value in the drop down for number of seats to purchase?
A: Yes, you can. This value is controlled by the over all cart limit, event limit and performance limits.

  • The cart limit is located in Setup >> System Preferences under the Web tab. It's controlled by the Maximum Tickets field. This value determines the total number of tickets that are allowed per cart. If the patron has already added tickets to their cart the drop down will decrease by the number of tickets in the cart.

  • The Event limit is in the Eventtab of the Event Setup. The Web Purchase Limit defaults to the cart limit from above. However, a value can be entered into the field to alter the total number of tickets that can be purchased over all for the Event. This means if there are several performances this is the total tickets for all performances. If an event has a maximum of 8 tickets regardless of performances this is where the value would be set.

  • Finally, the Performance limit is controlled in the Web Settings tab. This is located by selecting the Performance tab in the Event and double clicking on the performance. The Web Purchase Limit field controls the maximum tickets per performance that can be purchased. If an event has a limit of four tickets per performance this is where the value would be set.



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