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This web page contains the actual display of the map image and the icons to be used for the zooming/panning of the map. They are only enabled if pick your own in set for the performance.

at the bottom of the page is an <img> tag that shows the actual map:

<img src="<field>F_HTML_SEATMAP"</field>&reserved_colour=007700&reserved_boundary=true&reserved_seat_border=5&format=svg" width="80%"/>

The parameters that can be added to the URL after <img src="<field>F_HTML_SEATMAP"</field> are in the table below:
    See also tmpickYourSeatScripts.html for some options that can be made regarding zoom controls on scripts that handle the maps.
    format=xxx specifies the graphic format in which to display your seat maps on a web page.
    • Pick your seat formats with interactivity
      • pick - Special Case. If you have pick your own seats turned on, this is the preferred format. It will give you an svg graphic that is interactive and the patron can use to pick their seats is on. It forces always show sold seats on the map, regardless if it is turned off in Theatre Manager.
      • svg - will also display in svg format. However, this format respects the show sold seats option for the performance. It may not be useful for pick your own as somebody wouldn't know which other seats are taken, but it could be useful to show people where their seats are.
    • Static Formats with no interactivity
      • png - you will only get a png image in a static map. You cannot pick your owns seat and the map has no interactivity
      • jpeg - similar to png, except the image is in jpeg format
      • pdf - similar to png, except it is a pdf
    A rule of thumb is if you are allowing the seats to be clicked by using an tag then you should use pick, otherwise it’s always svg. The default coding for this page is set up that way.
    reserved_only=false specifies that the map image to be drawn contains only a zoomed in sub-set of the entire map, centred around the seats that are offered to the patron. It the parameter is ignored if the map is in pick-your-own-seat mode. Values are:
    • use true, yes,y, or 1 for a zoomed in area around the reserved seats
    • false, no,n, or 0 for a full sized map (or do not specify the parameter)
    reserved_boundary=true Indicates that a boundary is to be drawn around the seats that are offered to the user (not avaliable when map is in pick-your-own mode)
    • If true, the map displayed to the user will contain a rectangle outlining the viewable area that would be shown if reserved_only was specified. This encircles the offered seats and clearly indicates where in the venue the user will sit.
    • If the reserved_only parameter is not specified at the same time as this parameters, then the map is shown at full size, with the rectangle around the seats.
    reserved_seat_border=## Specifies the distance (in seats) from the offered seats where the reserved_boundary will be placed. Reasonable values are 2 seats around the reserved seats or 4 seats around the reserved seats
    reserved_boundary_color=FF0000 Specifies the colour of the boundary drawn around the seats that are offered (if not using pick your own)
    reserved_boundary_width=xx Specifies the width of the boundary drawn around the offered seats (if not using pick your own). The default size is 3/4 of the average width of seats on the map. You can make it more or less.
    seat_color=FF0000 Specifies the colour of the unsold (available) seats on the map as a RGB hex string.

    i.e. FF0000 means bright red and 007700 is green

    selected_color=000000 Specifies the stroke (border) color of the selected seats as a RGB hex string. These seats that a patron is picking on the reserve your seat map.
    reserved_color=FF0000 Specifies the fill color of the temporarily held best seats as a RGB hex string
    unavailable_color=00FF00 Specifies the fill color of the unavailable seats as a RGB hex string. Seats are unavailable if they are already sold to another patron or held for any reason.
    unavailable_text=X Specifies the single character that will be used to put in seats that are not available. This over-rides the '*' that TM will put in unavailable seats. You can use any ascii character you want such as 'X'. You may even use %20 (space), which if used in conjunction with unavailable_color will provide a solid square for unavailable seats.
    seat_font=X The font to use for seat labels when using mouseover to show the door/section/row/seat and seat description (depends on what the description setup is in the SCG map on the pricing map setup)
    seat_size=X The size of the fonts on the seat labels
    seat_font_scale=X SVG scaling factor to apply to the font size (depends on the scale used when constructing the SVG map)
    seat_font_load=X "embed": base64 embedded font, "local": locally loaded font from tmVendor, "cdn": remotely loaded font from Content Delivery Network (CDN)