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This file contains the javascript that controls the zooming and panning on the pick your own seats. Normally the file is never changed.

There is a comment in the file about halfway down (on/around line 41-42) that looks like:

// Initialize the widget with new pan and zoom values

There are two parameters that you can replace in this function to affect the behaviour of panning and zooming. These are:
  • pan_step_distance: default is 800 pixels -- and that is the incremental step distance that the image goes left/right or up/down when the left/right up/down buttons are clicked. SVG maps can be very large (as far as pixels go, so 800 is not really much movement -- and it is dependant on the overall size of the map
  • zoom_multiple: default is 0.1 (10%) percent and that is the percentage of zoom in/out when using the zoom buttons on the map.

To add the parameters to the web page code and create different settings, you would edit the two lines above so that they look like:

// Initialize the widget with new pan and zoom values
widget.init( {
“pan_step_distance”: 800,
“zoom_multiple”: 0.1
} )

These values do not apply when the patron is using a touch device because the hand gestures of pinch and swipe take over and the 'controls' are hidden from the user. They only work for the controls when they are visible on a computer web page.

See also tmPickYourSeatMapDisplay.html for some options that can be made regarding colouring and fonts on the actual SVG map as the user interacts with the pick your seats process.