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Merging Employee Records

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Merging two patrons who are both employees requires two steps:
  • You must merge the employee record first. This has the effect of changing all the records where the changed by, entered by, printed by, etc in the first employee to be the employee that you merge into.
  • Then you can merge the patron records, since one of the patrons will not longer have an employee record.


Why must two patrons who are employees have their employee records merged first

The rule is that you cannot merge an employee into a patron. Th reason is that every record in the system it tagged with one employee's name or another for the various entered by, changed by, sold by, printed by (etc) fields -- and deleting the employee would leave a referential integrity problem -- records would have missing data.


What if I want to eliminate somebody as an employee

As mentioned above, you can't simply delete the employee record to make them a non-employee. But there is a simple trick to allow you to remove the employee record. You can:

  • Select all the people you don't want to have an employee record on the employee list.
  • Merge the selected people together INTO YOURSELF

This may sound scary, but effectively you are just assigning all their changed by information on records to be yourself. Then it deletes the employee record.

Now that those people are no longer employees, you can merge them as you would any other patron.