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Recurring Donations Create for an Online Donation

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A Recurring Donation can be initiated by the patron during an online donation submission. When the patron fills in the required fields to complete the online donation, the patron selects a recurring frequency from the "How often do you want to make this donation?" pop-up list. During the checkout process, Theatre Manager will automatically create the Recurring Donation based on the information provided with the online donation.

  1. The Patron accesses online sales.

    For further information on Web Page Documentation click here.

  2. Click the Donation tab in the top toolbar.

    Recurring Donation Web Sales

  3. Fill in the required donation fields.

    The Donation Amount within the online donation will be used as the Recurring Amount for each future recurring occurrence.

  4. Choose a recurring option for the "How often do you want to make this donation?" choice.

  5. Click Add Donation to Shopping Cart button.

    The Recurring Donation request has now be added to the shopping cart along with the originating donation. At this stage in the process, the Recurring Donation has not been created. It has only been requested to be setup by the patron. It will only be created upon successful checkout of the shopping cart.

  6. If the originating donation is removed from the shopping cart prior to the checkout process, the Recurring Donation will not be created for the patron.

    A donation must be added to shopping cart along with the request to initiate the Recurring Donation, before a Recurring Donation will be created for the patron. Upon successful checkout of the shopping cart, this originating donation will be associated as the 1st gift within the series. The Next Gift Date will be set with a future date based on the recurring occurrence chosen by the patron.

  7. Complete the checkout process of the Shopping Cart

    The payment method for the recurring donation will be the same payment method used to complete the purchase of the shopping cart. Only payment methods of type Credit Card and EFT will be applicable; all others will be assigned as 'On Account'.

  8. After a successful checkout has occurred, the Recurring Donation is created.

    For reference information to assist the box office in determining the Shopping Cart in which the online patron initiated the request for the recurring donation, the Shopping Cart Number is provided on the Statistics tab of the Recurring Donation Detail Window.