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Shredding Unused Credit Cards

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The simplest solution for venues to have a higher degree of security in their database, than that allowed by the PABP/PCI compliant data encryption of the credit card numbers, is to "shred" unused or old credit cards in patron records.

"Shredding" removes the middle 8 digits of the number and renders the card information unusable (as it is stored - you can still swipe or enter the card again in the future with no problem).

To do "shred" a credit card, you perform the following steps:

  1. Open the PCI Security Tab in Setup > System Preferences.
  2. Under Credit Card Management, click the Shred Unused Credit Cards button.

    A dialogue opens, asking for a retention period during which cards are considered active (and therefore, not "unused"). We recommend at least 90 days, 365 as the longest.

  3. Click Shred Cards to immediately shred cards that have not been used in a number of days greater than that set as the retention period.