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Force A/R Balance

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Rarely, you can end up with a non-zero balance in the A/R tab on the end of day wizard that you cannot find. When this occurs, you can elect to write off the A/R balance by clicking the 'Force A/R Balance' button.

You are presented with a message, similar to the one below, indicates the amount of the imbalance and asks if you want to create a balancing entry against the cash over/under account.

Before continuing, please make sure you have done all steps to determine the source of a possible imbalance BEFORE using the 'Force A/R Balance' function. If you cannot "find" your error, please contact the support team prior to completing this action. Forcing an EOD imbalance and writing it off is a last resort activity and you should have at least tried redoing the end of day and checking order/transaction balances.