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This section presumes you:

There are several menus that help you direct what parts of Theatre Manager you would like to access. The top menus have sub-menus, and will lead you deeper into the program. The menus are designed to be very functional in nature - meaning the sub-menus follow on from the previous menu. If you are looking to setup a new discount code within the table of Sales Promotions, for example, then you would look in the Setup, System Tables menu.

Try it out. If you want to Print Form Letters, which menu would you choose? Which sub-menu?

The answer appears at the bottom of this page.

The table below lists the Menu name, and a brief description of what is contained within that menu. You may click on the links within the description for more information on any item.

Menu Major Components of the Menu
  • The Theatre Manager menu (which appears on the left on a Mac, and on the right on a PC), allows you to read "About Theatre Manager" information, containing such as licensure, contact and your current version.
  • Standard File management such as Page Setup,
  • Importing and exporting data to an outside application such as Excel,
  • The ability to Change the currently logged on User,
  • Access to various Statistics about the database.
  • Standard Edit controls, such as Cut, Copy, Paste and Select All
  • Paste from File for use in Form Letters
  • Standard navigation for display windows
  • Access to Theatre Manager Online help,
  • Sign up for the RSS Feed,
  • Email Arts Management Systems Support (,
  • Start a Remote Support session allowing Arts Management Systems to directly access your workstation for assistance,
  • Check for updates directly from within the application
  • Find the latest release notes
  • Access various social media channels for help such as our youtube videos on how to accomplish some specific tasks
  • Logon name, listing the name of the current user.

And the answer is...

From here you can: