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Toolbar Icons

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The toolbar provides quick access to many functions within Theatre Manager. These functions are also available in the menus, so that you may use Theatre Manager by navigating the menus, clicking on the icons, or even using keyboard shortcuts.

The table below lists the Icon on the toolbar, and a brief description of its function. You may click on the links within the description for more information on any item.

Opens a search list of the patrons
Allows you to directly access a patron record by using the Patron Number
Opens a calendar of events, To-do's and tasks
Used with the Facilities Management module, this icon will create a new Project
Opens the Reports module
Opens a list of useable form letters that can be merged with data
Opens a search list of carts from online sales
Opens the General Ledger List of Accounts
Opens a search list of General Ledger entries
Starts the End of Day Wizard
Opens a search list of venue maps
Opens a search list of events (may also be called 'Plays & Dates')
Opens the Manage Favorite Seats window for subscription sales
Opens a search list for Mail Lists
Opens the Employee Preferences window for the currently logged in Employee
This opens the context sensitive online help for the active window
Starts the Remote Assistance application so that Arts Management Systems Support can access your workstation to assist you

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