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Moneris Hosted Payment Software Type

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On this tab, you will need to provide:

  • Account Name - enter a description indicating that the purpose of this account is for Hosted Payments
  • Status - click to make it active, if not already
  • Enable Card Use by Web Listener - click to make it active, if not already. Hosted Payment Page can be used for online sales to try to be PCI Schedule A compliant
  • Server Software - Moneris (setting selected in TM)
  • Merchant Provider - Moneris (Hosted Pay Page) (setting selected in TM)
  • Main Store Id - xxxxxxxxxx (This is your Moneris Store # provided by Moneris. It should be a combination of letters and numbers. This is NOT your Merchant # OR ps_store_id. If the Moneris Store # is incorrect, Theatre Manager will NOT be able to close the credit card batch on the gateway server.)