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Sold Seat Colour Online

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The default appearance for unavailable seats online is the FontAwesome icon of a person. When a map contains many small seats this may not be ideal as the people might appear to overlap. It may be more desirable to have the unavailable seats appear in a solid colour (or other icon) separate from available seats and suggested seats.



To make this change you will want to edit the tmPickYourSeatMapDisplay.html web page. Locate line 43, it should look like this:

<object class="embed-responsive-item" data="<field>F_HTML_SEATMAP</field>&reserved_colour=00FF00&reserved_only=false&format=pick&unavailable_color=FFFFFF &unavailable_text=&seat_font=FontAwesome&seat_font_load=cdn" id="venue_map">

Change Line 43 to be:

<object class="embed-responsive-item" data="< field>F_HTML_SEATMAP< /field>&reserved_colour=00FF00&reserved_only=false&format=pick&unavailable_color=000000&unavailable_text=​" " id="venue_map">

This will remove the people (seat_font=FontAwesome&seat_font_load=cdn) and make the sold seats appear black (unavailable_color=000000). The colour of the unavailable seats can be updated to the desired HEX colour.



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