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Navigation Button To Select Performances

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A button, directing you to a select list of Performances, can be created in the navigation buttons at the top of the online sales windows. This button can be used for Courses, Opening Nights, Special Events or other performances where you want to list a select group of Performances.

The key for this button is flagging the Performances with the same reference and using that reference in the button to pull the desired shows. The setup requires editing the performances and adding the button to the online sales.

To flag the performances, you perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Event button in the main theare manager tool bar.
  2. Search for and open the desired Event.

  3. Select the Performance tab.

    Open the desired Performance.

  4. Select the Web Settings tab, and enter a value in the Performance Flag field.

    In our example we have used the letter T.

  5. Save and close the window.

Adding The Button

A button can be added to the existing buttons across the top on the online sales window. Edit the tmnavbuttons.html page.

This process includes web page editing. If you have a web designer on hand, they can perform these edits. If you wish to contract with Arts Management Systems to perform these or any customizations for you, please contact the Support Team at

Adding Performance Button

Adding the coding to the web page.

  1. Select the web page you wish to add the field to.
    The page to edit is tmnavButtons.html.

  2. Add the following HTML to the page:


    <a href="<field>F_HTML_FIREWALL</field>login?event=0&search=PB_PERF_FLAG='T'">
    <i class="fa fa-ticket">
    Special Performances

  4. Edit the following
    • You change the 'Special Performances' text to reflect the text you wish to use for the button.
    • Update the letter 'T' to match the letter used when setting up the Performances