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Eliminating the Pricing Selection List

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Eliminating the Pricing Selection List

The html code below will provide a single option for pricing rather the the price code drop down list that is currently a part of the online sale pages. This text most commonly would effect the TMticketsPrice_MapDefault.html and TMsubscriptionPriceMapDefault.html pages.

<input name=SC_DESCRIPTION type=hidden value="<field>F_HTML_PROMOTIONS_LIST.1.SC_SEQ</field>>

  • The above code will print the default ticket price for the performance. This is based on the Default setting at the bottom of the Pricing tab within the event.
  • The line containing D_WEB_SHOW_PROMOTION will print the name of the default sales promotion.
  • The line containing D_WEB_SHOW_PRICE_CODE will display the name of the price code and the value of the ticket.