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Redirecting the Add Code Button

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When entering a coupon code in the online sales the patron clicks the Add Code button. This button appears in the TMtickets.html and TMcart.html pages. The button accepts the coupon or access code and returns the patron to the TMtickets.html page.

This process includes web page editing. If you have a web designer on hand, they can perform these edits. If you wish to contract with Arts Management Systems to perform these or any customizations for you, please contact the Support Team at

Destination of PreSales and Coupon button

Edit the code on the web page

  1. Select the web page to edit.
    The page to edit is tmTicketsPresalesCoupon.html.

  2. Locate the following HTML on the page:


    <input name="param" type="hidden" value="altbtn=btnGetEventList"/>

  4. Edit the following
    • Change the 'btnGetEventList' text to 'btnCart'.