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Button to Apply a Specific Coupon Code

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The lines below are an example of how to create a button that will apply a specific Coupon Code to the online cart. This button can be added to any page within the online sales. It would most commonly appear on the TMtickets.html page or the TMcart.html page.

This process includes web page editing. If you have a web designer on hand, they can perform these edits. If you wish to contract with Arts Management Systems to perform these or any customizations for you, please contact the Support Team at

Adding Coupon Button

Adding the coding to the web page.

  1. Select the web page you wish to add the field to.
    The most commonly used page is TMtickets.html.

  2. Add the following HTML to the page:


    <form action="<field>F_HTML_FIREWALL</field>online" METHOD=POST>
    <input class="btn btn-success" name="btnCouponAccept" onclick="process()" type="submit" value="Click To Receive Our Special Promotion"/>
    <input type="hidden" id="CH_CODE" name="CH_CODE" value="1234">
    <input name='param' type='hidden' value ='altbtn=btnGetEventList'>

  4. Ensure that:
    • You uncomment the div statement.
    • You change the ’1234’ to the proper coupon code value from within Theatre Manager.
    • You change the ‘Click To Receive Our Special Promotion’ to reflect the text you wish to use on the button.