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Adding a Merchandise Button

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There are many naming conventions for adding a merchandise button to the online ticketing site. Some organizations add a Shop button, others a Merchandise button and others a Rental button. The name of the button depends on the use of the resource module in Theatre Manager and the content to be accessed. The icon for the button may also vary depending on the buttons use. Options for the icon can be found on the Font Awesome website. We encourage you to use the naming convention and icon that work best for your organization.



Adding the Code

  1. Open the tmnavButton.html page

    The page tmnavButton.html is located in the WebPagesEN/TMtemplates folder.

  2. Add the following HTML to the page:
       <a href="<field>F_HTML_FIREWALL</field>login?merchandise=0"> 
       <i class="fa fa-shopping-cart"> 

The recommended location would be after the Tickets, Gift Certificates and Donation buttons and before the Subscription button.