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8.xx-9.00 Upgrade Steps

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The upgrade to version 9 is a significant upgrade for a number of technological reasons. You can follow the upgrade steps below that excerpt the full install instructions in the key places. Or, you can follow the PCI install instructions from the beginning if you would like to view this as an opportunity to verify and/or tighten you PCI compliance.

Please send a note to to get the links for theatre manager before starting the upgrade if you are attempting the process yourself as we will need schedule the upgrade support (we can't do everybody in one day).

The steps to upgrade generally involve:

  1. Upgrade Postgres to 9.1.4 (or latest version) following the steps on the next page. It will deal with making backups and then refer you to the appropriate upgrade procedures.
  2. Convert the Database to UTF8. Version 9 will not be able to access any database until it has been converted.
  3. To upgrade Theatre Manager use the links you were provided by and follow the standard install steps
  4. Upgrade Apache Server and follow the steps for Macintosh or Windows
  5. Upgrade Web Pages to the latest version by comparing old to new.
  6. Install Theatre Manager Version 9 on your machines. OSX installs require no extra steps. Windows installs may require you to do one of the following if you get errors starting Theatre Manager. Most Windows installs may not require this step.
  7. If you are doing e-blast with Theatre Manager, you will need to implement FTP access to the Apache server. Theatre Manager eblast capabilities should save costs over doing it externally.
  8. If you are implementing meeting scheduling with the Facility Module in Theatre Manager, you will need to set up a scheduling@ ... email address
  9. Update the Backup Script by following the specific directions. You will also obtain a copy of the latest script when you install Postgres in Step 1.
  10. For each web listener that auto-started, you will need to login on that machine and set the web listener to auto-login. Since Encryption was changed (per PCI), this means that you need to set it up again to make it work
  11. Start up all web listeners again