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Version 9.02

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Upgrade Time

The upgrade time from version 9.0x should be relatively short.

There are one mandatory web page change that should be done during the upgrade process to support our testing of a forthcoming iPhone app under development. Other changes are optional.

This is a WALKAROUND install.

Key Changes in Version 9.02.00

The key enhancements in this version are the introduction of:

  • We are working on an iPhone app to allow people to find venues near them. When released, the details will be provided at that time. However, there is a web page change that is required to customers at version 9 (see bottom) that wil lbe required to show events at venues using Theatre Manager
  • Most of the rest of the changes are minor bug fixes and enhancements since 9.00 was introduced

Point Release Version History

Point releases are minor version fixes and small enhancements to any particular version.

  • 9.02.00 - Aug 31, 2010

The following changes have been made to Theatre Manager since version 9.01

Ticket Sales

  • Fixed an issue where courses sold online and assigned to an alternate member of the household did not create the 'gifted ticket' properly. This meant that the attendee of the course might not have been assigned properly. This has been fixed and and any assigned incorrectly should be corrected on update.
  • Ticket printing now converts some accented UTF8 characters to the ascii equivalent when printing tickets. For example, an accented 'e' or umlauted 'o' will be translated to 'e' or 'o' immediately prior to printing tickets an no longer show up as '?' on the ticket.
  • Revise message that user sees when they are not able to do 'delete' of credit card information. It now specifically tells them to get a supervisor to permit this action and that it should not normally be done (i.e. use a full void instead)

Mail Lists

  • Added a feature to allow adding people to a mail list based on the person who bought the ticket -or- the person that the ticket was gifted to. This allows you to build a mail list of people to receive the tickets (or attend a class) and do an eblast to them. By combining two lists of those who bought and those receiving gifted tickets, you can notify anybody related to ticket purchases.

Facility Management

  • Various minor changes to calendars and dragging patrons to assign them to a task
  • Growl Notifications should now fire for all items that are newly added to notifications
  • Added notifications for unsent task invitations
  • Revised the interface to the notification window to be simpler. It now focuses on accept or discard the task notification. A user can double click on a line to open the task and perform all functions generally available to modify the task
  • Added customizable field to allow user to rename the word 'Resource' in facility management and update various parts of Theatre Manager where the word is used.
  • Ensure calendar attachments are sent to volunteers in a specific situation where some of the calendar items were past due. If that was the case, none would be sent. This is fixed.
  • The start day of the week on the calendar is now being set properly if it is different on each filter
  • Correct an issue where duplicating a project did not properly update the hierarchy of the categories in the project
  • Fixed acceptance status when adding yourself to a task - it now assumes you are fully accepted and confirmed on a meeting

Web Sales

  • The behaviour of entering a pre-sales access code on the web site has changed. The first time a user enters one, they will be taken to the event list window and it will show only the events that were added because of the presales access code to let the user find the event quickly. For any search after that, the user will see normal events intermixed with presales access events. This feature might be enhanced later to more clearly delineate the two types of events.
  • Minor fix to flags showing pre-access codes and coupons. If a Pre-access codes is activated, the ticket search window now shows the entry field. If a coupon code is now activated, then the entry field will show on the shopping cart window
  • Random generated passwords for email addresses entered at the box office can no longer have blanks in them. This prevents confusion for users where the password contained a blank at the end when mailed to the patron.

Word Processing

  • Fixed an issue introduced in version 9.01 that made it difficult to edit an existing document. Theatre Manager was forcing the tools palette window to the top making it very difficult to change the actual document.
  • Fixed an issue in documents with row fields in them that were created since the introduction of version 9. Any document with a row field created after version 9 will need to have the row field re-created for it to actually work. Any document created in version 8.24 or earlier will work correctly without changes.


  • Database Names can now have blanks in them
  • Fix problem with user/over-ride where closing the over-ride window allowed access instead of denying it for mandatory entry of CVV2 number.
  • Prevent entry of numbers greater than 12 digits for the donation giving level. This was causing an SQL error

Things a venue may need to do

  • Read all prior release notes back to the version you upgraded from and follow any instructions for each version under the subject 'Things a venue may need to do'
  • Compare the new standard web pages for the web pages listed below and make appropriate changes.
    • Changes to Web Pages

      Please download the web page updates and compare the web pages.

      Files in the main htdocs directory
      TMSysNoListeners.htmlCompare and make changes
      Files in the each outlet directory (1)
      TMCart.htmlrevisions for coupon and where to send the user if a coupon is entered.
      TMcheckoutCardError.htmlcompare to original
      TMcheckoutConfirmation.htmlcompare to original
      TMCoupon.htmlcompare to original as it has revisions to redirect user based on kind of coupon entered.
      Files in the main templates directory
      RowTicketEventExport.htmlmandatory revisions to support forthcoming iPhone applicaiton.