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Version 10.07

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Theatre Manager is fully 64 bit as of September 15, 2019.

The current version of TM runs on:

Auto Updating

Theatre Manager will auto update most processes automatically via the TM Director. Example:

  • TM Server - which provides all the latest web services and responsive web pages.
  • Nginx - which is the front end web server which we can now update automatically when vulnerabilities are discovered in OpenSSL. There are fewer than the past few years - but should one occur, it can be released and installed in very short order.
  • TM Desktop - is downloaded by the TM Server and placed in the database. From there, each desktop copy of Theatre Manager pulls down the latest version of itself

The above process are able to replace themselves very quickly with a newer version and keep on running, providing more or less an un-interrupted service to your patrons.

The postgres database server is the only component of Theatre Manager that does not auto-update - simply because the database server itself does not need to be updated as often, and if it is - it needs to be a planned outage.