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Versioning Methodology

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In Theatre Manager, version numbers have three numeric levels. You can find the version you are running by using the menu item below (for your platform) and you'll see the about window:
  • Macintosh use the menu Theatre Manager->About Theatre Manager
  • Windows use the menu Help->About Theatre Manager

The Version Number is comprised of 3 parts. Using the example below of 10.07.371:

  • Major Version: 10 The first digits are a major version number and need to be fully PCI audited. This might only change during the triennial PCI audit by a qualified auditor.
  • Minor Release: 07 The second group of digits relate to changes that may have a PCI impact due to a prescient change in the credit card management or authorization processes. Such a change would need to be run by the PCI assessor for submission to the PCI council.
  • Point Release: xxx The last group of digits (eg 371 in this example) are for ongoing enhancements and bug fixes with no PCI impact. This is also called the wild card version.