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Upgrade Postgres

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The first step in the vesrion 8 to 9 upgrade requires that the database server be upgraded to version 9.1.4 (or the most recently released version). In general, this will be:
  • Backup the database
  • Restore the backup database to a different name on the same (or different) postgres server.
  • To ensure it is a valid backup, use Theatre Manager to log into the restored database. When you see the list of users in your main database, click change database and pick the other database you just restored.
  • Upgrade postgres by refering to installation and upgrade instructions for postgres. The specific link for Macintosh and Windows are also referred to in the last section of the install steps about how to do an upgrade. Please follow those. Venues with postgres servers on Linux will need to loosely adapt and follow the Macintosh instructions.