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Till Balance Window

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Only physical payment methods where this is a chance of discrepancy appear in till balance. This includes Cash, Check, Pass/GC, and other payment methods. The reason is that a manual tally of these payments may point out instances where the value on the check and the value entered into Theatre Manager may be different. It gives a chance of correction at source.

Credit Card payments processed through your merchant account will NEVER show in the till balance window because they can never be for the wrong amount. (The system created the amount and sent to the bank, so there is no possible discrepancy in amount in the system).

Post dated credit cards may appear as a convenience to allow the user to authorize them (although this is usually done in end of day). It may be useful if emergency mode was enabled for part of the day.

Parts of the Till Balance Window

Opens the online Help for this window.
Opens the selected Patron
If enabled, marks the selected payments as missing.
If available, authorizes the selected credit card.
If available, allows you to change the card that a post dated payment is being changed to.
Displays the summary table by patron.
Displays the summary by the type of payment
Patron # The patron number for that patron that this payment is assigned to
First Name First name of the patron this payment is assigned to
Last Name Last name of the patron this payment is assigned to
Company Company name of the patron this payment is assigned to
Total Paid Amount paid by the patron, using this payment method
Till # Has this payment been marked as being in the till? The default is blank, which will change to the till number once the payments are marked manually as being in the till
Card Number The card number/ check number of this payment
Payment types Where you mark (using the check boxes) the payments as being physically in the till. Any payments that are not in the till should be marked as such. You can batch mark payments of a certain type as being in the till, then double click specific payments to remove them