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Position Tab

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The positions tab is part of the Volunteer Window and displays the positions which the volunteer can perform. Functions of this tab are add a position, edit a position, and delete a position.

Parts of the Positions Tab

Position The volunteer code of the position. The codes are setup in Code Tables >> Volunteer Activities. Click here to learn how to set the codes.
Again If the volunteer is still interested in the position.
Contacted The date last contacted.
Paid If the activity was paid.
History If any historical information is available.
Preference The preference rating of the volunteer for the position on a scale of 1-10.
Hours The total number of hours worked in the position.
Paid $ The total amount that was paid for the activity.
Last Year The last year that the volunteer performed the position.
Notes Any notes associated with the position.
Inserts a new position through the Positions For Window. Click here to learn how to insert a new position.
Shows the details for the selected position as well as allowing editing in the Positions For Window. Click here to learn how to edit a current position.
Deletes the selected position. Click here to learn how to delete positions.

For quick reference information on Adding Editting and Deleting Volunteer Postions, click the following link.