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Volunteer Activity History and Evaluations

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This section is located at the bottom of the Volunteer Window. It contains the activity history for a volunteer. Each history has an evaluation of their preformance included with it. These evaluations and comments can be used in your future selections of volunteers.

Parts of the Activity History / Evaluation Section

From Date The date the activity started.
To Date The date the activity was finished.
Position The position the activity was preformed under.
Role The role of the volunteer.
Play Code The play code the activity was performed for.
Play Title The play name the activity was performed for.
Rating The rating the volunteer recieved.
Hours The number of hours the volunteer worked.
Paid Amount The amount the volunteer was paid for the activity.
Evaluation The comments associated with the activity.
Play Number The number of the play.
Inserts a new activity into the personnel record. Click here to learn how to add an activity.
Opens the currently selected record and allows for the record to be edited. Click here to learn how to edit an activity.
Deletes the currently selected activity(s). Click here to learn how to delete an activity.
Search Function Allows you to search the volunteer activity history based on a number of different categories.

For Quick Reference Information on Adding Activities for a Volunteer, You can download