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Awards Tab

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This tab contains award information on the volunteer. You can also add, edit and delete awards.

When you keep track of your volunteer's hours worked through the Volunteer Module, you can assign those hours towards awards. Personalizing your volunteer recognition component of your program is the best form of showing appreciation for the contribution of volunteers. For example, For every 10 hours a volunteer works, they recieve one ticket. You can use this tab to assign the award and keep track of how many awards they have recieved.

The awards available for selection are defined in the Volunteer Awards Code Table. Click here, for more information.

Parts of the Awards Tab

Date Awarded The date the award was given.
Award The award that was given.
Hours Recognized The number of hours that were recognized with the award.
Notes Any notes that were entered with the award.
Outlet Owner The main organization name.
Outlet The specific outlet that this volunteer was awarded for working at.
Creates a new award. Click here for more information on creating awards.
Opens the currently selected award.
Deletes the currently selected award.