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Refunding A Previously Redeemed Pass

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Sometimes it becomes important to refund a previously redeemed pass in order to keep the audit trail consistent and allow easier tracking of funds within the transaction history. In order to accomplish this we will need to perform the following steps

First - void the pass used to purchase tickets with so we zero out the balance owing on the pass
Second - Edit the pass to enable Sold for Zero Dollars & Pass Can Be Edited At Time Of Sale
Third - Apply the donation or value of the pass on the Order to reallocate the funds.

  1. Void the Pass payment
    Open the patron record and go to the Payments tab. Select the payment that has the partially used pass and click the Void button in the lower toolbar.A confirmation window will appear, click Delete/Void to move on to the next step.
  2. Edit the Pass

  3. Go to Setup -> System Tables -> Pass Types, then go to the Edits tab. On the Edits tab we want to make sure the following 3 check boxes are enabled:
  • Value can be changed during purchase
  • Sell in even multiples of original value
  • Can be sold for a zero value

Once the check boxes are checked, click save and close out of the Pass Type setup. Now that the pass is "editable" (as we've turned on "Can be changed during purchase" we are ready to go back to the patron record and edit the value of the previously redeemed pass to zero.

  • Apply the donation or value of the pass

  • Open the pass in question and on the Pass GC Details tab, change the purchase amount to zero. When you do this, the Issued Passes and Quantity will reset to zero as well.

  • Use the Balance for other purproses
    Now that the pass has been "zero'd out" yoou will notice the balance of the pass is available for other uses such as a donation or gift certificate.
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