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Tasks are at the heart of the Facility Management module. A task can represent anything you want to have show up on a calendar or appear on an invoice for a client. Because of its flexibility, it is important to understand all the different kinds of information that can be stored in a task so that you can determine which options to use for your particular situation.

  • Tasks can be associated with plays or events
  • Tasks can be associated with a particular show or performance
  • Tasks can be associated with patrons or employees
  • Tasks can show in the background of a calendar for all users
  • A person can be assigned as the "owner" of a task
  • Individuals can set alarms on tasks for themselves
  • Tasks can have date and time ranges, such as meeting start and end times
  • Tasks can be indicated as ToDo-type tasks that have only a necessary completion date
  • Tasks can have resources assigned to them, such as the number of chairs needing to be set up in a venue, equipment being rented, or the actual rental of a room
  • Tasks can have personnel assigned to them, such as the worker's billing hours for an event
  • When you ask the question "Can I use a task for .....?" the answer is probably Yes.

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