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Entry Detail - Transactions Tab

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The General Ledger Entry Detail window is used for examining posted entries.

Parts of the G/L Entry Detail Transaction Tab

The G/L Detail tab is used for adding the debits and credits to the different general ledger accounts. For more information on the G/L Detail tab, click here.
Begins a search of the transactions.
Include The types of transactions to include. To remove a type from the search, uncheck the box next to the item.
Seq # The sequence number of the transaction.
Trans Date The date of the transaction.
Journal No The journal number of the transaction.
Code The transaction code associated with the transaction.
Transaction Desc A description of the transaction.
Order # The order number associated with the transaction.
Event / Play The event / play associated with the transaction.
Performance The performance associated with the transaction.
Type The type of transaction.
Description of Entry A description associated with the entry of the transaction.
This function is not available in this window.
Opens the Transaction Detail window.
This function is not available in this window.